Port Lincoln Slipway manufactures products for the Aquaculture Industry both locally and overseas.


• Floating Fish Feeders for Fin Fish Farms
• Tow Floats
• Mussel Floats
• Marker Buoys
• Net Weights
• A range of other aquaculture products
For fin fish rings, stanchions and other aquaculture products please visit other sections of our website.
Photo left::Saint Andrew Cross Marker Buoy. Waterline to top of cross 2.4 metres x 1.5metres wide.
Universal Float
Mussel Float - 300 litre
Various sizes of Net Weights
Fixed Foamed Tow Floats Suits various Poly-pipe sizes
Foamed Tow Float Detachable— bolt on.
Suits 18”or 450mm Poly-pipe
Floating Fin Fish Feeder
for dispensing frozen or fresh pilchards.